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In these B2B branding campaign case studies, we provide snapshots of brand projects delivered for Birddog clients.

Thunderhead is the global leader in Customer Engagement software. Improving customer journeys requires a deep understanding of customers’ marketing challenges, and a way to communicate the solution.

Birddog has helped Thunderhead to find its own voice. Challenging, engaging brand positioning that speaks to real people. We’ve supported Thunderhead’s online and offline campaign development, collateral design, web design, social media campaigns and creative copywriting. Basically, it was all us. Obviously.

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  • The launch of the redesigned website has successfully gone ahead today. It’s looking fantastic. Thank you very, very much for a great piece of work once again.

    K. Harvey Digital Marketing Manager
  • We’re certainly getting a lot of traction, you can see the usage of the site going up. Engagement though social media has been quite considerable compared to anything we've done before so we are really pleased. Thank you very much, this is a great result, I’m really happy.

    K. Harvey Digital Marketing Manager
  • Absolutely flipping brilliant. Really. Brilliant. Thank you. What a terrific introduction to such a brilliant team and exciting project.

    K. Cook Global Digital Marketing
  • Amazing progress happening, thank you so much, the site is looking and feeling absolutely amazing. Completely in love with it.

    K. Cook Global Digital Marketing
  • Thanks for all your help in getting the website and content up and running. It’s really been a pleasure to work with you – even if you buggered off on holiday Scot… I think we owe you some beers. Thanks again.

    J. Hemingway Chief Marketing Officer

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