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In these B2B brand strategy examples, we provide snapshots of brand projects delivered for Birddog clients.

Euler Hermes is the world’s leading provider of trade credit insurance and related financial services. After 140 years however, even the most respected, global, financial institutions, review their brand messages. No pressure…

Birddog’s Brand Positioning helped Euler Hermes identify that in an uncertain world of insolvencies, fraud and bad debt, businesses seek predictable trade results. Business continuity isn’t about the distant future, it’s about tomorrow.

Euler Hermes predicts credit risk today, to protect business growth tomorrow. In one line – ‘Confidence in Tomorrow’.

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  • Because of your magnificence, insight and generosity our Brand Strategy is working a treat. We love you for it. By the way, we are going to rule the world with your creative concept. Just thought I’d slip that in. Thank you, I really appreciate your work.

    J. Holley Managing Director
  • You continue to enlighten me and fill me with wonder. Thank you.

    J. Holley Regional Director
  • Birddog took our complex corporate and product brand interrelationships, pulled them apart and threw them back at us in bite-sized pieces that made immediate sense and holds lasting value. Modern day alchemists.

    J. Holley Managing Director
  • We showed your work to the Main Board yesterday. It was quite emotional, in a good way. “Intense”, “Pride”, “Shock” were the words used. I wanted to say a big 'thank you' for the work you have done. We all love it – the impact will be awesome.

    J. Holley Managing Director
  • Thank you so much for all your advice and help I really appreciate it!

    S. Donoghue Marketing Co-Ordinator
  • My heroes. Always saying it as it is.

    S. Gray Commercial Director

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