We think. We do.
You change.

For your brand to be distinct or different you need to ‘be creative’ but everything seems to conspire against you – time, money, knowledge, risk, policies, politics, history – everything. At Birddog, we fix all that.

Ordinary B2B marketing is not extraordinary. You need something ‘extra’ for that. Literally. But where will you find it? From the next agency that delivers the same as the last? By repeating old ideas that should be new ideas? Average marketing performance just doesn’t achieve exceptional marketing results.

It’s tough to be creative when you’re wrestling with Sales, Finance, Operations, but it’s not tough when you’re Birddog – we’re tripping over creative ideas. Creative brand ideas, creative digital ideas, creative social ideas, creative content ideas. It’s Birddog’s ability to combine creative thinking with creative things that moves you from where you are, to where you know you need to be.

You think about ROI, budgets and sales conversion. We think about squirrels. How cool is that?

Birddog has spent 20 years helping clients integrate must-have marketing functions with creative, must-try marketing initiatives. We have the awards (and the scars) to prove it. From individual tactical campaigns, to global brand launches, we conceive, create and deliver B2B marketing strategies.

It’s a long way from ordinary, but the next time someone asks how things are going at work, you might actually want to tell them.

Why Birddog?

Because ‘ordinary’ is not a life well spent.