We think. We do.
You change.

Birddog generates online conversation with business communities using social channels. We help to 'pull' audiences towards brands.

Audiences are no longer accessible through traditional communications channels – they’re social. Business customers aren't waiting for your call. They’re mobile, connected, networked, sharing. Your brand is the last thing on their minds. Even ‘being social’ is no longer enough for businesses to engage audiences, because being social has no value. But business has a value. So using social strategies has to drive your business value. That’s our starting point.

Birddog unlocks a world of creative communication. Through a process of enlightening, educating and empowering your internal teams, we inspire them to become more active participants in social media and social advocates for your brand. For social strategies to succeed and deliver value, they need to be embedded within the organisation. We show you how to effectively integrate social into your wider marketing plan. We create content and make it available across shared networks. We grow audiences and build (or reinforce) relationships with them. By influencing business communities we influence business outcomes.

From initial strategic planning stages to daily community management, Birddog shapes the social experience customers have with your brand. We perform social audits and establish specific social objectives. We identify where to find your social audience and what they expect from your brand. We establish or improve social channels of communication and help to forward-plan your content and engagement strategies. We’ll implement those plans and provide ongoing creative content and community management until your organization is socially self-sufficient.

Birddog connects brands with communities. We teach companies to listen, for a change.