We think. We do.
You change.

Birddog plans digital strategy and delivers creative digital campaigns.
We connect business brands with business communities.

The balance of power has shifted from your brand engaging with your audience to your audience engaging with your brand. Your corporate website has limited value as a static silo of data – pages and pages of information that no one visits. Your website is no longer the only source of information about your brand, it’s one of many. Attention spans are short. Every click counts. Present your audience with anything less than an extraordinary digital experience and they’re tuning out before they’ve even tuned in.

Digital projects require more than, “a guy who does code…” Birddog combines deep knowledge and insight of the fast and ever changing dynamics of digital development with creative staff and an established network of technical expertise to deliver spectacular online awesomeness. Anything less is just, code.

Birddog's digital strategy and campaign delivery services are about understanding audiences – creatively, behaviourally, technically. We drive brand engagement online. Birddog structures digital assets to communicate relevant messages in a more dynamic way. Websites, apps, microsites, landing pages, email – everything you need to stand out from competitors online. From brochure-sites to fully interactive, socialised, device responsive, data-driven projects, Birddog delivers. We plan the strategy, build the technical specification, develop the code, produce the content, write the copy, source the imagery, test the functionality and launch to the world.

Sometimes you just need someone else to take the pain away. We deliver creative digital assets that improve user experience and increase demand generation. No drama. No fuss. The pain never really goes away, but Birddog sucks it up better than most.