We think. We do.
You change.

Birddog plans and delivers content strategy. We conceive, create and produce customer-relevant content across all B2B media platforms.

Content marketing has changed everything. And nothing. You’re familiar with the pressure to produce ‘content’ – collateral, email, websites, whitepapers – materials representing the company view of products and services. That hasn’t changed. But content marketing strategy recognises that while the company view may be the preferred method of communication, it’s not the customer’s preferred method of consumption. Customers expect more than the one-way delivery of corporate propaganda. That’s what’s changed.

In a socially connected network, the customer has multiple sources of data, expertise, conversation and competitive benchmarking – all available online, on-demand, in real-time. They ask questions, gather research, form opinions and make buying decisions without ever referencing your entirely predictable corporate communications. Customers no longer need your permission to buy, from you or your competitor. So how effective is your current content when no one finds it interesting, reads it or believes it?

Birddog creates inbound marketing strategies that maximise the return on the time consuming investment in content creation. We make content relevant to your audience across distributed networks. We add creative thinking. Your content and approach to customer communications need to be built on customer needs instead of corporate ennui. Birddog helps you do that. It’s a little unusual, we know, but you’ve already tried ordinary.

By introducing new channels, new tools and by applying creative design, style and tone to communications, we create original, innovative content that inspires connected networks to engage and re-engage with brands. As well as traditional content delivery, we use creative concepts to drive video content, motion graphics, animation, infographics – anything that will support the corporate brand narrative and accelerate your customer’s journey through to conversion and purchase. We produce the B2B marketing content that people want to share.