We think. We do.
You change.

Birddog builds business brand strategies. We build from scratch. We redirect brands that have lost their way. We support and develop existing brands.

The road to B2B brand enlightenment is littered with the corpses of B2B marketing professionals. You are not alone. The quest starts with attempts at uniformity and consistency. Brand Guidelines and regulations that have no material impact. Value Propositions announced and roundly ignored. Mission Statements ridiculed from the moment they appear in reception areas and all hope of success is lost.

It’s easy to forget that brands belong to the customer, not the business. Buying decisions are rarely based on functionality or value propositions or mission statements. When competitive price, function and availability are broadly constant, customers base decisions on your story. They care about your purpose, how and why your brand is different, the benefit it brings and the clarity with which you communicate your message.

Creative B2B Branding

We’ve been helping businesses just like yours for over 20 years. When it comes to Creative B2B Branding, we wrote the book. (No, really.) Birddog provides the expertise to investigate, interpret and articulate creative B2B brands in any vertical market in any part of the world. We gather brand research and provide independent brand audits. We facilitate creative brand workshops to clarify competitive brand positioning and establish core messaging. We conceive brand narratives to carry the story and we enable creative brand development with our Creative Platform® process and brand identity delivery.

Birddog’s approach to B2B brand strategy and tactical brand delivery is far from ordinary. Then again, if you want ‘ordinary’, just make the logo bigger.