About Birddog

We Think. We Do.
You Change.

We've been thinking and doing creative things to build B2B brands since 1994. That makes us experienced, reliable, at a stretch we're even successful. But what makes us amazing, is transforming ordinary into extraordinary.

You Picked a Bad Day to be Ordinary

Birddog is a creative B2B agency. We fix big, fat, hairy, problems requiring Brand, Digital, Social and Content awesomeness in the B2B market - we use the brand and the web to make sure that your communications work. We have one office, in Central London (Southwark, SE1). We have one team. There is no 'B-team.' Our work impacts local, regional and international audiences across every market sector. We are among the UK’s top B2B Agencies and have been winning B2B Marketing Awards since they were first launched in 2005. Birddog has been a proud sponsor of the B2B Marketing Awards for the past 9 years. Our business follows the principles laid down in the first of its kind, Amazon #1 ranked B2B book, 'Creative B2B Branding (No, really)' by Scot McKee. By happy coincidence, he's our MD.

The Damage

Awesome takes time and costs money. Birddog works with medium/large B2B organizations, usually international. Our work is project and retainer based according to client needs and service deliverables. We don’t pitch. It’s taken about 20 years, but we’ve learned that our work has value. You’re bigger and stronger than us. We know that. So when you ask us to invest time in your business, we’ll ask you to invest money in ours. Meanwhile, we have a whole host of our client work and stuff that should help to convince you.

Brand on the Run

Brand on The Run®

Brand on the Run® is the B2B networking event that inspires B2B marketing professionals to unleash their creative mojo – usually in a heroic, against all the odds kind of a way... Birddog provides an alternative perspective, a speaker with an extraordinary story to tell and a glass or two of wine. The rest is talking, sharing, learning. These intimate evenings with Brand on the Run® special guests take you behind the scenes, behind the brands. Casual, relaxed, no pressure, no selling and very popular. Check the #BotR schedule and reserve your place at the next Brand on the Run®.

Remember, tickets go fast…

Birddog History

2014 – Birddog's 20th Anniversary. Holy. Shit.

2013 – B2B Marketing Awards - Best Use of Live-Event Marketing.

2013 – B2B Marketing Awards - Most Commercially Successful Campaign, shortlisted.

2013 – B2B Marketing Awards - Best Website, shortlisted.

2013 – B2B Marketing Awards - Agency of the Year, shortlisted.

2012‘Business Marketing – Face to Face’, Amazon #1 B2B book.

2011 – B2B Marketing Awards – Best Use Of Social Media Campaign, Runner Up.

2011‘Creative B2B Branding (no, really)’, Amazon #1 B2B book.

2008 – B2B Marketing Awards – Best International Campaign.

2007 – B2B Marketing Awards – Best Limited Budget Campaign.

2007 – Birddog London Office Opens.

2006 – B2B Marketing Awards – Best Small Business Campaign.

2006 – B2B Marketing UK’s Best B2B Brand.

2005 – B2B Marketing Awards – Best Limited Budget Campaign.

2004 – Birddog enters Top 20 B2B Agency rankings (and stays there).

2002 – Vertical market rebuild. Anything that isn’t .com or US will do…

2000 – The ‘Dot Com Bubble’ bursts – Birddog loses 80% of clients. Gulp.

1999 – Move to where there are people. And food. And beer.

1996 – Move to bigger offices. On a Stud Farm. Obvs.

1995 – First office opens in ‘Ampshoire. In a barn.

1994 – Birddog Established. In a bedroom.

1993 – Light shined not on the wasteland of B2B and all was darkness.