Birddog is the B2B agency that creates extraordinary brands

Everything we do at Birddog is creative. Everything. Creativity is what we have that you don’t. Creativity is the principal we defend when the others forfeit. Creative Brand Strategy, Creative Digital Services, Creative Social Media, Creative Content. We have it all and it’s all creative. Everyone and everything else by comparison, is not. We can say it because Birddog has been delivering award-winning B2B marketing creativity, every day, for 20 years. They haven’t. While they were ‘planning another conference’, Birddog gloriously ripped the City of London apart. The difference is the creative B2B marketing experience you wished for, but never had.

You never called your mother and announced proudly, “Mum, I know what I want to be – a B2B Marketing Manager…” Your mother may have forgiven you for that, but we haven’t. We’re here for the career players – the B2B specialists ready to push forward instead of sitting back. Our clients range from medium sized businesses to global multinationals. You’re big enough to invest seriously in brand, digital, social and content strategies, but not so big that you've become paralysed by bureaucracy, oblivious to innovative marketing practices or scared of your mother. You know who you are.

Birddog’s strategy is to challenge the brave and committed. Our unifying staff and client trait is the desire to change – to combine creative thinking with creative things and make ordinary B2B marketing extraordinary. We educate, we share, we collaborate, we empower, and we release. We measure success by client independence, not retention.

Everyone deserves to feel good about working in B2B marketing. Even you.