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Birddog is the B2B agency that achieves creative change.

  • Brand

    Birddog builds brand strategy in 3 categories. We build from scratch. We redirect brands that have lost their way. We support and develop existing brands.

  • Content

    Birddog plans and delivers content strategy. We conceive, create and produce customer-relevant content across all B2B media platforms.

  • Digital

    Birddog plans digital strategy and delivers creative digital campaigns. We connect business brands with business communities.

  • Social

    Birddog generates online conversation with business communities using social channels. We help to 'pull' audiences towards brands.

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Scot has released a new book and it is very shiny and full of useful information.


Facebook Ads: Just Say No

I had an interesting conversation on Twitter a few months ago on the subject of Facebook ads. Essentially, they're just an expensive way of buying 'fans'. You may as well spend your money on those sites hawking 1,000 fans for the price of a coffee. For most B2B brands, Facebook ads are simply a waste of money.


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As Account Director, Jackson's responsibilities span Birddog's complete operations. He is actively involved in client...

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"Selecting Birddog for the job was a complete no-brainer. We had one meeting with the team and just handed the entire marketing requirement over to them. Birddog's work has been exemplary."

J. Speak - Chief Executive