Winner 2013 B2B Awards

Birddog is the B2B agency that achieves creative change.

  • Brand

    Birddog builds brand strategy in 3 categories. We build from scratch. We redirect brands that have lost their way. We support and develop existing brands.

  • Content

    Birddog plans and delivers content strategy. We conceive, create and produce customer-relevant content across all B2B media platforms.

  • Digital

    Birddog plans digital strategy and delivers creative digital campaigns. We connect business brands with business communities.

  • Social

    Birddog generates online conversation with business communities using social channels. We help to 'pull' audiences towards brands.


B2B Marketing Awards

Most Commercially Successful Campaign, shortlisted.



Do NOT mess with Josie. Nobody messes with Josie. Nobody. When all hope is lost, when there is no solution, when nothing can be done and...

Don't take
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"God damn you and your interesting and informative tweets. Chunks I'm losing out of my day. Bastard."

L. Harris - CEO


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In Content Marketing, Sharing is Caring

There is an amazing change happening in B2B marketing right now that is going to disrupt the entire industry. It’s a burgeoning specialism that your organisation is going to want know about. It’s called Content Marketing...have you heard of it?


Freebie of the month

Presentation given by Scot McKee, Birddog MD, at a Social Media Training Day in London.

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